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Sat 18 Oct 1902
Unknown crest Willesden Town (0) 0-0 (0) Fulham Fulham 1898 Craven Cottage, Fulham, London
Graham Penmiss
Previous Match
Following Match

Unknown kit


Flag of England WILLESDEN TOWN:
GK 1Pollard
RB 2Baker
LB 3Panter
RH 4Barnes
CH 5Pears
LH 6Saunders
OR 7Jordan
IR 8Sibley
CF 9Groves
IL 10Meredith
OL 11Purkiss
Fulham home (1902-03)


Flag of England FULHAM:
GK 1Flag of England Jack Head
RB 2Flag of England Jack Graham Captain Symbol
LB 3Flag of England Cabbo Dwight
RH 4Flag of Scotland David Cowan
CH 5Flag of England David Lloyd
LH 6Flag of England George Tuthill
OR 7Flag of Scotland Robert Tannahill
IR 8Flag of Wales George Sheeran
CF 9Flag of England Tommy Meade
IL 10Flag of England Freddie Hopkinson
OL 11Flag of England Fred Spackman

Man of the Match:



Previous Meeting: n/a
Following Meeting: Fulham 5-0 Willesden Town (1902-03 FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round Replay) (18 Oct 1903)

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