London Challenge Cup
London Challenge Cup
First entered 1908
Last entered 1930 (as 1st team fixture)
1973 (as reserve team fixture)
Best performance Winners (3) (1909-10, 1931-32 & 1951-52)
Biggest win Fulham 10-0 Nunhead (19 Sept 1910)
Biggest defeat Arsenal 4-0 Fulham (12 Oct 1925)
Millwall 4-0 Fulham (31 Oct 1927)

The London Challenge Cup was a competition organised by the London FA specifically for clubs within Greater London. Fulham entered in the competitions inaugral season in 1908-09 and continued entering until it disbanded in 1974-75. Initially, the club took part in the London Challenge Cup as a first team competition, however, from 1931-32 onwards it became a competition for our reserves.

Fulham won the competition in the 1909-10 season after a comprehensive 4-1 victory over Tottenham, and were runners-up the following year in which Spurs got their revenge and won 2-1. The club reached the Semi-final on three other occasions; in 1912, 1919 and 1921 - every time beaten by Crystal Palace. Fulham won the competition on another two occasions when the reserves entered - once in the 1931-32 season and again in the 1951-52 season.


First teamEdit

Season Round Date Opposition Venue Result Score Notes
1908-091st RoundMon 28 Sept 1908Woolwich ArsenalHomeLost0-1
1909-101st RoundMon 20 Sept 1909Clapton OrientHomeWon4-0
1909-102nd RoundMon 11 Oct 1909LeytonHomeWon2-1
1909-10Semi-finalMon 8 Nov 1909West HamNeutralWon2-1Played at White Hart Lane
1909-10FinalMon 6 Dec 1909TottenhamNeutralWon4-1Played at Stamford Bridge
1910-111st RoundMon 19 Sept 1910NunheadHomeWon10-0
1910-112nd RoundMon 10 Oct 1910BrentfordHomeWon2-1
1910-11Semi-finalMon 7 Nov 1910West HamNeutralWon1-0Played at Stamford Bridge
1910-11FinalMon 5 Dec 1910TottenhamNeutralLost1-2Played at Stamford Bridge
1911-121st RoundMon 18 Sept 1911West HamAwayDrew2-2
1911-12ReplayMon 25 Sept 1911West HamHomeWon5-2
1911-122nd RoundMon 16 Oct 1911Clapton OrientHomeLost1-3
1912-131st RoundSept 1912LeytonUnknownWon?-?
1912-132nd RoundMon 21 Oct 1912Clapton OrientHomeWon2-0Match scratched due to Fulham fielding an eligible player in Tom Fitchie
1912-13ReplayMon 4 Nov 1912Clapton OrientHomeWon3-0
1912-13Semi-finalMon 18 Nov 1912Crystal PalaceNeutralLost2-5Played at Stamford Bridge
1913-141st RoundMon 22 Sept 1913Clapton OrientHomeWon2-1
1913-142nd RoundMon 14 Oct 1913TottenhamHomeLost0-2
1914-151st RoundMon 21 Sept 1914BrentfordHomeLost0-1
1919-201st RoundMon 18 Sept 1919BromleyHomeWon8-0
1919-202nd RoundMon 6 Oct 1919ArsenalHomeDrew0-0
1919-20ReplayMon 20 Oct 1919ArsenalAwayWon3-1
1919-20Semi-finalMon 10 Nov 1919Crystal PalaceNeutralLost1-3Played at Stamford Bridge
1920-211st RoundMon 11 Oct 1920Crystal PalaceAwayLost0-1
1921-221st RoundMon 17 Oct 1921Dulwich HamletHomeWon4-0
1921-222nd RoundMon 31 Oct 1921MillwallHomeWon4-0
1921-22Semi-finalMon 14 Nov 1921Crystal PalaceNeutralDrew0-0Played at New Cross Stadium
1921-22ReplayMon 21 Nov 1921Crystal PalaceNeutralLost1-3Played at Stamford Bridge
1922-231st RoundMon 23 Oct 1922BrentfordHomeWon2-1
1922-232nd RoundMon 6 Nov 1922MillwallAwayLost0-2
1923-241st RoundMon 22 Oct 1923CharltonHomeLost0-2
1924-251st RoundMon 27 Oct 1924TottenhamAwayLost1-5
1925-261st RoundMon 14 Sept 1925ClaptonHomeDrew2-2
1925-26ReplayMon 28 Sept 1925ClaptonAwayWon1-0
1925-262nd RoundMon 12 Oct 1925ArsenalAwayLost0-4
1926-271st RoundMon 27 Sept 1926ChelseaHomeDrew3-3
1926-27ReplayMon 4 Oct 1926ChelseaAwayLost1-0
1927-281st RoundMon 17 Oct 1927TottenhamHomeWon6-2
1927-282nd RoundMon 31 Oct 1927MillwallAwayLost0-4
1928-291st RoundMon 15 Oct 1928KingstonianHomeWon11-2
1928-292nd RoundMon 29 Oct 1928CharltonAwayLost1-4
1929-301st RoundMon 28 Oct 1929MillwallAwayLost1-2
1930-311st RoundMon 6 Oct 1930ThamesAwayWon2-1
1930-312nd RoundMon 30 Oct 1930IlfordHomeLost1-3


Season Round Date Opposition Venue Result Score Notes
1931-321st RoundMon 12 Oct 1931CharltonHomeWon5-1
1931-322nd RoundMon 26 Oct 1931ChelseaAwayWon2-0
1931-32Semi-finalMon 16 Nov 1931MillwallNeutralWon2-1Played at Stamford Bridge
1931-32FinalMon 9 May 1932Crystal PalaceNeutralWon2-1
1932-331st RoundMon 10 Oct 1932Clapton OrientAwayWon2-0
1932-332nd RoundMon 24 Oct 1932QPRHomeLost2-3
1933-341st RoundMon 9 Oct 1933TottenhamAwayLost2-3

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