Match detailsEdit

Sat 10 Oct 1896
Fulham Flag of England 4 – 0 Flag of England Minerva Craven Cottage, London
Attendance: unknown
Referee: GA Pearson
Lindsey Soccerball 42'
Sermon Soccerball 70' Soccerball 3rd'
Witheridge Soccerball 4th'

GK 1Flag of England Johnny May
FB 2Flag of England Henry Shrimpton Captain Symbol
FB 3Flag of England Ted Humphries
HB 4Flag of England Alec Frame
HB 5Flag of England Harry Johnson
HB 6Flag of England Jack Shrimpton
WR 7Flag of England Will Robertson
IF 8Flag of England Eddie Witheridge
CF 9Flag of England Jimmy Lindsey
IF 10Flag of England Abon Sermon
WL 11Flag of England Freddie Hollands
GK 1Flag of England J McTeare
FB 2Flag of England W Gill
FB 3Flag of England C W Lindsay
HB 4Flag of England A Little
HB 5Flag of England W B Jackson
HB 6Flag of England Walters
WR 7Flag of England Crowther
IF 8Flag of England Exell
CF 9Flag of England J J Gilchrist
IF 10Flag of England Thorpe
WL 11Flag of England F Faulder

1896-97 season
London League Division Two:
Brentford (a)Stanley (h)Brentford (h)Harrow (h)Forest Swifts (a)Hammersmith (a)Forest Swifts (h)
West Croydon (a)Harrow (a)QPR (h)Stanley (a)Bromley (a)Bromley (h)Hammersmith (h)
West Croydon (h)QPR (a)
FA Cup:
2nd Qualifying Round: Swanscombe (a)
Middlesex Senior Cup:
1st Qualifying Round: Minerva (h)2nd Qualifying Round: Enfield (h)1st Round: London Welsh (h)2nd Round: Ealing (h)
London Senior Cup:
1st Qualifying Round: Woodford (a)

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