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Wed 1 Apr 1903
Fulham 1898 Fulham (2) 4-0 (0) Clapton Orient Leyton Orient1 Craven Cottage, Fulham , London
Attendance: 500
Referee: Flag of England Mr Pascoe
Lacey Soccerball
Stone Soccerball Soccerball
Lloyd Soccerball
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Fulham home (1902-03)


Flag of England FULHAM:
GK 1 Flag of England Jack Head
RB 2 Flag of England Freddie Hopkinson
LB 3Flag of England Cabbo Dwight
RH 4 Flag of England Bill Lacey
CH 5 Flag of England David Lloyd
LH 6Flag of England George Tuthill
OR 7 Flag of Scotland Robert Tannahill
IR 8Flag of England H Easter
CF 9Flag of England Jack Hilsdon
IL 10Flag of England Ossie Stone
OL 11Flag of Wales George Sheeran
Clapton Orient home (1902-03)


Flag of England CLAPTON ORIENT:
GK 1 ER Ward
RB 2Flag of England Fred Chalkley Sub off 46'
LB 3A Dyke
RH 4 H McLelland
CH 5 RP Haynes
LH 6 CR Berry
OR 7 KL Gibson
IR 8 A Merritt
CF 9 C Bedell
IL 10 Hartree
OL 11 Marriott



  • Fred Chalkley was unable to take to the field for the second half due to an injured knee, so Clapton Orient played with only 10 men for the duration of the match
  • Jack Head did not touch the ball for the whole of the second half

Previous Meeting: Fulham 1-2 Clapton Orient (1901-02 London League Division One) (18 Jan 1902)
Following Meeting: Clapton Orient 0-2 Fulham (1902-03 London League Division One) (30 Apr 1903)

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