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Sat 10 Jan 1903
Fulham 1898 Fulham (0) 1-1 (0) Deptford Town Unknown crest Craven Cottage, Fulham , London
Referee: Flag of England Mr J Stark
Meade Soccerball Marsh Soccerball
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Fulham home (1902-03)


Flag of England FULHAM:
GK 1 Flag of England Jack Head
RB 2 Flag of England Jack Graham Captain Symbol
LB 3Flag of England H Brown
RH 4 Flag of England Bill Lacey
CH 5 Flag of England David Lloyd
LH 6Flag of England George Tuthill
OR 7 Flag of Scotland Robert Tannahill
IR 8Flag of England H Easter
CF 9Flag of England Freddie Hopkinson
IL 10Flag of England Tommy Meade
OL 11Flag of England Fred Spackman
Unknown kit


Flag of England DEPTFORD TOWN:
GK 1 Hinkley
RB 2?
LB 3?
RH 4 ?
CH 5 ?
LH 6 ?
OR 7 ?
IR 8 ?
CF 9 ?
IL 10 ?
OL 11 ?



Previous Meeting: Deptford Town 0-3 Fulham (1902-03 London League Division One) (6 Dec 1902)
Following Meeting: n/a

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