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Sat 24 Oct 1896
Fulham 1898 Fulham (0) 0-8 (4) Stanley Unknown Craven Cottage, Fulham , London
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Flag of England George Fordham
Reed Soccerball 22' (pen) Soccerball 32' Soccerball 36' Soccerball
Osbaldeston Soccerball 27' Soccerball
Stubbs Soccerball
? Soccerball
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Fulham home (1896-1900)


Flag of England FULHAM:
GK 1 Flag of England Johnny May
RB 2 Flag of England Henry Shrimpton Captain Symbol
LB 3Flag of England Ted Humphries
RH 4 Flag of England Herbert Jackson
CH 5 Flag of England Harry Johnson
LH 6Flag of England Alec Frame
OR 7 Flag of England Willie Robertson
IR 8Flag of England Eddie Witheridge
CF 9Flag of England Jimmy Lindsey
IL 10Flag of England Abon Sermon
OL 11Flag of England Freddie Hollands
Stanley home (1896-97)


Flag of England STANLEY:
GK 1 Flag of England Albert Maile
RB 2Flag of England E Powell Captain Symbol
LB 3Flag of England John McMorran
RH 4 Flag of England R Stubbs
CH 5 Flag of England CE White
LH 6 Flag of England H Williams
OR 7 Flag of England Johnny Pask
IR 8 Flag of England J Arnott
CF 9 Flag of England C Ward
IL 10 Flag of England Wally Reed
OL 11 Flag of England Tommy Osbaldeston



  • Johnny May temporarily kicked out of club by Horace Wilkins after an incredibly rare poor performance from the goalkeeper. May had previously protested about the pitch conditions at half-time but to no avail.
  • Johnny May concedes a penalty kick for the first time in his career after his initial save was ordered to be retaken
  • Stanley's eighth goal was the result of a melee and therefore the goalscorer was inconclusive

Previous Meeting: Fulham 1-2 Stanley (1894 Friendly) (14 Apr 1894)
Following Meeting: Stanley 2-0 Fulham (1896-97 London League Division Two) (13 Mar 1897)

1896-97 season
London League Division Two:
Brentford (a)Stanley (h)Brentford (h)Harrow (h)Forest Swifts (a)Hammersmith (a)Forest Swifts (h)West Croydon (a)
Harrow (a)QPR (h)Stanley (a)QPR (a)Bromley (a)Bromley (h)Hammersmith (h)West Croydon (h)
FA Cup:
2nd Qualifying Round: Swanscombe (a)
Middlesex Senior Cup:
1st Qualifying Round: Minerva (h)2nd Qualifying Round: Enfield (a)1st Round: London Welsh (a)2nd Round: Ealing (h)
London Senior Cup:
1st Qualifying Round: Woodford (a)