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Sat 3 Oct 1896
Brentford1 Brentford (2) 6-1 (1) Fulham Fulham 1898 Shotter's Field, Windmill Lane, London
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Flag of England Mr C Woodley
Wade Soccerball
Field Soccerball Soccerball Soccerball
H Williams Soccerball
Hester Soccerball
Lindsey Soccerball
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Brentford home (1893-94)


GK 1 Flag of England Jack Foster
RB 2 Flag of England Percy Swann
LB 3Flag of England Archie Williams
RH 4 Flag of Scotland Arthur Charlton
CH 5Flag of England Herbert Edney
LH 6Flag of England Richard Dailley
OR 7 Flag of England George Hester
IR 8 Flag of England J Wade
CF 9Flag of England Harry Williams
IL 10Flag of England Oakey Field
OL 11 Flag of England Jimmy Steers
Fulham home (1896-1900)


GK 1 Flag of England George Taylor
RB 2Flag of England Ted Humphries
LB 3 Flag of England Henry Shrimpton Captain Symbol
RH 4Flag of England Fred Peet
CH 5 Flag of England George Pearce
LH 6 Flag of England Jack Shrimpton
OR 7Flag of England Willie Robertson
IR 8Flag of England Alec Frame
CF 9Flag of England Jimmy Lindsey
L 10Flag of England Abon Sermon
OL 11 Flag of England Freddie Hollands



  • Abon Sermon had to retire injured shortly after J Wade had scored the opening goal

Previous Meeting: Brentford 5-1 Fulham (1896 Friendly) (8 Feb 1896)
Following Meeting: Fulham 0-2 Brentford (1896-97 London League Division Two) (21 Nov 1896)

1896-97 season
London League Division Two:
Brentford (a)Stanley (h)Brentford (h)Harrow (h)Forest Swifts (a)Hammersmith (a)Forest Swifts (h)West Croydon (a)
Harrow (a)QPR (h)Stanley (a)QPR (a)Bromley (a)Bromley (h)Hammersmith (h)West Croydon (h)
FA Cup:
2nd Qualifying Round: Swanscombe (a)
Middlesex Senior Cup:
1st Qualifying Round: Minerva (h)2nd Qualifying Round: Enfield (a)1st Round: London Welsh (a)2nd Round: Ealing (h)
London Senior Cup:
1st Qualifying Round: Woodford (a)