To date, there have been 4 players from Australia to have represented Fulham competitively, with 2 capped at full international level. Furthermore, Adrian Leijer and Adam Taggart have caps for the full national team, though did not play a first team match for Fulham.

1. Ahmad Elrich - 2005-2007 (Debut)

2. Mark Schwarzer - 2008-2013 (Debut)

3. Cameron Burgess - 2012-2017 (Debut)

4. Ryan Williams - 2012-2015 (Debut)

* Other Australian players to have been at the club but not played a competitive first team match are:
Adrian Leijer (2007-2009), Corey Gameiro (2011-2013), Adam Taggart (2014-2016), Jake Soutter (2014-2017) & Tyrese Francois (2016-present)